Garden Ship - Main Arm Rd, Mullumbimby

The team recently completed a Garden Ship for a Mullumbimby family (Olivia, Sheldon and Spike). As the property is shared with a large variety of farm and native animals, the veggie garden had to be built in such a way that is was protected, so a shade tunnel design was developed.

The key feature of the Garden Ship are the Boroughs (worm tunnels), which Andrew highly recommends for any small to medium veggie garden, which are 25L buckets embedded into the soil, forming mini compost systems - the worms break down the food waste, excreting humus soil and aerating the soil throughout the whole veggie garden.

The shade tunnel is specifically designed to utilise passive solar principals, based on the location and climate of area and of the particular veggie garden.  We selected an appropriate grading of shade-cloth to provide enough protection from all the elements, whilst allowing sufficient saturation of sun on the garden, throughout the seasons.


  • Water mains connected inside the tunnel (one for hose and one for small basin)
  • Worm tunnels ('Boroughs')
  • Designed for a family for 4-8 people

Additional features to for this client's Garden Ship: 

  • Solar Sensor LED lighting panels
  • Galvanised mesh for climbing veggie plants

The Garden Ship is a perfect investment for the home, school, collective housing and workplace veggie garden, and an essential setup for any serious gardener! Each Garden Ship is customised to suit the individual needs of the client.

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